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How To Set-Up your PonicTank

1 - Insert Clean Water 2 - Add Nutrient Solution To The Water 3 - Insert Plant Subtrate and Seed Into The Watering Baskets 4 - Turn On Your Ponic Tank and Enjoy your Plant Growing For a More Detailed Information Watch Our Tutorial Video here -

How Often do I need to Replace the Water ?

The Clean Water Inside Of The Tank Must Be Replenished Once The Minimum Level Is Reached (Aprox. 2 Weeks) Depending on the Plant Type

Do I Need to Maintain the PonicTank ?

The PonicTank Requires No Need For Additional Maintance , Besides Replacing the Water Levels and adding Nutrient Solution

Can I grow Cannabis with the PonicTank?

Yes , The PonicTank can grow pretty much any seed. Cannabis being one of them ! -Ponic Team

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We are a team with a vision for a better and more sustainable future.

Based In Prague, Czech Republic

In this turbulent environment, we sought to find an alternative way of home agronomy without the hassle of soil management and dependence on sunlight.


We hope that PonicTank inspires you, how plants inspire us!


We are proud to present Ponic!

We present an innovative product that will change the way you interact with your plants.


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